The Truth About Loss and How to Kick Its Ass

“To move forward is to turn the page, to discover that the next chapter holds beauty born from our healing.”

Let’s cut the crap and dive straight into the heart of it, loss sucks! It’s like the universe decided to give you a wedgie, except it went for your soul instead of your underwear.

Whether it’s a loss of a close friend moving away, your romantic relationship coming to a close, or the grim reaper taking away a loved one, it all ends in a gut-wrenching, sleep-stealing mess of emotions.

Why Loss Feels Like Being Kicked in the Feelings

When someone significant hops out of your “life car” while it’s moving, it’s like your brain goes into panic mode. All those happy chemicals it was used to getting are suddenly in short supply, leaving you feeling more abandoned than a gym membership the third week in January. Science has a fancy term for it: withdrawal. Yes, just like an addict, you’re on the cold, hard ground, looking up, wondering where your next hit of dopamine is coming from. So what are those happy chemicals?

  1. Dopamine – Often dubbed the “reward chemical,” dopamine is associated with pleasure, motivation, and that addictive sense of satisfaction. It’s what makes us seek out behavior that rewards us, like being with someone we love. When that person leaves, the dopamine levels drop, leaving us craving those feel-good moments like a desert craves rain.


  2. Oxytocin – Known as the “love hormone,” oxytocin plays a key role in forming strong emotional bonds and connections. It’s what makes cuddling, touching, or even just being around someone we care about feel so damn good. Losing a source of oxytocin is like being stripped of a warm, comforting blanket in the middle of a blizzard.


  3. Serotonin – This mood-stabilizing chemical contributes to our well-being and happiness. It’s like the psychological immune system, keeping our mood in balance. A breakup or loss can send serotonin levels plummeting, destabilizing our emotional equilibrium and leaving us feeling down and out.
  4. Endorphins – These are our natural painkillers, released during stress, pain, and exercise, providing a euphoric and analgesic effect. They’re the body’s way of coping with physical and emotional stress. When we’re grieving, the decreased endorphin levels make every emotional jab feel like a knockout punch.

So, when someone significant exits stage left during your life’s play, it’s not just an emotional void they leave behind; it’s a biochemical upheaval. Your brain’s used to a certain chemical cocktail, one that’s suddenly missing key ingredients.

But here’s a thought, what if this gut-wrenching agony is actually a gift? Stick with me here.

Rewiring Your Brain with NLP

Enter Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the closest thing to a brain reset button we’ve got. Have you ever heard of ‘Reframing’? It’s basically telling yourself a different story about what’s happening. Your partner left? Sure, you could wallow in self-pity, or you could see it as the universe’s kick in the ass to get you to grow. Your loved one passed away? It’s an indescribable awful loss, but it’s also a reminder of how precious life is and to make every damn second count.

Science-Backed Kickass Strategies for Moving On

Now, let’s look at some science to beat the sadness back where it came from.

✔️Exercise isn’t just for making you look good naked—it’s a natural antidepressant.

✔️Meditation isn’t just for monks; it’s like giving your brain a spa day.

✔️And journaling? It’s not just for teenagers with crushes; it’s a way to wrestle your demons down on paper and start making sense of them.

Don’t just take my word for it; these are tried-and-tested methods that help you reclaim your inner badass. They’re about taking control, one breath, one push-up, one word at a time.

The road to getting over loss is paved with suckiness. But it’s also the path to something greater—resilience, wisdom, and maybe even a sense of humor about how messed up and hard life can be.

So, wear your scars like badges of honor. They’re proof that you’ve lived, loved, and are badass enough to get through whatever life throws at you. It’s not easy, but remember…




Jasmine Rice is a Transformational Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Best-selling author, and the Founder of Good Things Are Gonna Come, LLC. With a passion for empowering others, she has dedicated her career to helping people shift their mindset, navigate and thrive during life’s complex transitions. Through her integrated coaching business and supportive community, she equips individuals with the tools they need to transform their lives and take control after periods of transition.

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  1. Melissa Crook

    Love this! Great reminder i needed this week as I navigate some loss “anniversaries” right now.

    • Jasmine Rice

      Spring time brings up a lot for me!


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