The Power of Choice: Simplified with the 5/4 Factor

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 “One-size-fits-all is a mass-produced illusion. Custom tailor your life.”


Throughout history and across cultures, the number four has been revered as a symbol of completeness and stability—mirrored in the four seasons, the four cardinal directions, and the four classical elements. Research reveals that our working memory prefers managing four items at a time. Ever wondered why managing more than four friends or projects feels overwhelming? Well, now you know!

But let’s set the record straight, life isn’t a cookie-cutter episode from a 90s sitcom, and neither are you. We live in a society that often seeks quick fixes. Many of us are enticed by the promise that following five specific morning rituals or doing these specific 10 things for 21 days will unlock the secret to perpetual happiness. While I respect and admire the professionals and experts who advocate these methods, the truth is, they don’t work for everyone.

We are all unique individuals, and what helps one person start their day right or destress might not have the same effect on someone else. If it were that simple, no one would ever have a bad day because an affirmation told them they were amazing, and no breakup would sting longer than 30 days because deep breathing was part of your morning routine. You choose what you need today, and maybe you’ll need something different tomorrow. Flexibility is key!

Your Morning Routine

Choosing how to start your day can be overwhelming, much like letting a 5-year-old pick a dress from ten options—it’s daunting and can lead to decision fatigue. That’s precisely why the 5/4 Factor offers a curated set of five scientifically backed activities to choose from, reducing overwhelm and simplifying your decision-making process.

Just as narrowing down a child’s choices to two dresses can make the decision easier and less stressful, offering five specific activities for your morning routine helps streamline your morning without sacrificing the benefit of personal choice.

Here’s how this method enhances your daily routine

  • Focused Choices Reduce Overwhelm: Limiting options prevents paralysis by overload, making it easier for you to decide and stick to your choices, fostering a sense of achievement from the start.


  • Science-Backed Options Ensure Quality: Each option is selected based on scientific research, ensuring effectiveness and removing guesswork.


  • Balanced Variety Encourages Commitment: With just enough variety to cater to different preferences and needs, you’re more likely to find and commit to activities that enhance your productivity and mood.

Implementing the 5/4 Factor Morning Motivators

While there are countless other morning activities you could choose from, like making your bed, turning your shower temperature cold for the last 60 seconds, not hitting the snooze button, hitting the snooze button, or seeking out natural light first thing—the five options I’ve chosen are grounded in scientific evidence that underscores their unique benefits.

From these five choices, you pick four—three that resonate and one that pushes you a little out of your comfort zone. This method ensures your routine is dynamic and responsive to your needs, helping you grow steadily over time.

  1. Digital Ditch: Start without digital screens for one hour to maintain your natural sleep-wake cycle, boosting alertness. That means no phones for alarms.


  2. Lemon and Water: Hydrate with a cup of warm lemon water to kickstart digestion and boost immunity. Before your coffee.


  3. Hummmmm: Engage in vocal meditation to activate the vagus nerve, reducing stress and enhancing calmness. Think of monks for inspiration.


  4. Move You Body: Get active to boost your mood and metabolism through endorphin release. This can be a run, yoga or even stretching.


  5. Affirmative: Use positive affirmations, spoken out loud to yourself in the mirror, to reprogram your mind for success and manage stress effectively.

Beyond Morning Routines

The 5/4 Factor isn’t confined to morning routines—it’s a versatile approach that can be applied to various aspects of life. Whether you’re overcoming grief, navigating a breakup, enhancing personal productivity, improving fitness, deepening relationships, breaking a habit, or seeking happiness, the 5/4 Factor provides a framework for making personalized choices. Just as in the morning routine, you select four recommended actions that resonate with you most, helping you to tackle these challenges in a way that feels right for YOU.

Still unsure where to start? Schedule a FREE discovery call with me. I’ve got a pantry full of ingredients to help you concoct the perfect recipe for you. 

Remember, YOU GOT THIS!



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