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Jasmine’s Bio

Short & Sweet Bio

Jasmine Rice is a Certified Life Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and best selling author with a degree in psychology from the University of Kansas. After overcoming a series of challenging life transitions including a divorce and a job loss, Jasmine transformed herself to go from surviving to THRIVING by shifting her mindset. She expresses that there is no one-size-fits all approach to self-improvement, self-care, personal growth and transformation. You get to create your own recipe!

Extended Bio

Jasmine Rice has overcome significant life challenges including abuse, abandonment, bullying, eating disorders, panic attacks, depression, suicide attempts, and betrayal. She hit rock bottom when her 23-year long relationship came to a halting end.

Her experiences along the way humbled her and inspired her passion to support others experiencing grief after a divorce, unexpected change, or any challenging life transition. Having once viewed herself as a victim during her transformation journey, her mindset changed to view herself as a student of life, learning and growing from all of life’s experiences.

Jasmine is a certified life coach with a degree in psychology from the University of Kansas that formed her foundation for wanting to help others. However, she is not a counselor, she is a coach that helps guide others while they transform themselves.

Learning to consistently practice self-care and self-love have been key ingredients in her personal growth transformation. She knows all too well that it can be easier to want to hit the fast-forward button to get to the “good parts of life”. But the truth is, even though life is difficult at times, it’s all “good parts” because you learn from your mistakes, you learn from your challenges, and you grow.

Through her experiences she has been humbled and transformed, discovering she is much stronger than she ever knew…and believes you are too!

There is no one-size-fits all approach to self-improvement, self-care, personal growth and transformation. Let Jasmine help you create your own life recipe!

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