One-on-One Coaching

During our time together you will begin to create your amazing life recipe that will only get more remarkable with time. You will have the tools and the desire to continue forward with your awesome transformation.


  •  Diagnostic assessment to reveal obstacles & set attainable goals.
  • 1:1 Fifty-minute coaching sessions—one per week (packages can be modified to as little as 4 weeks up to 24+ weeks.)
  • Weekly homework 
  • Action plan creation and implementation
  • NLP activities
  • Email Support
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Results
  • BONUS: A copy of my book! 

FREE 30 minute “get to know you” call is scheduled after application is completed. 

Packages start as low as $100 per session. One-time 90-minute intensives are also offered at $200.


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Coaching packages are between 4-24 weeks based on your needs. However, in order to facilitate real, lasting change, and to make significant progress towards your transformation, 3 months is usually the sweet spot.

Where will you be 90 days from now?

If you are honest with yourself, allow yourself to be vulnerable about your challenges, and recognize that transformation doesn’t happen overnight, by working with me you will gain a great deal of knowledge on how to positively work on your personal growth, self-care and your amazing transformation. Transforming yourself is very personal, especially after a challenging life transition. However, I am confident I can set you up for success!

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