How To Choose A Word Of The Year

“Celebrate endings as they procede new beginnings.”

You’ve said farewell to 2022 and you’re ready to embrace the fresh, new year ahead. Resetting can be done at any point in the year, but January is a nice time to reset as it symbolizes a new beginning and selecting a guiding word is the perfect way to start.

Today, I encourage you (if you haven’t already) to take a few minutes to sum up your hopes and dreams for 2023 into one meaningful word. Yes, one word. Something that you’ll keep at the forefront of your mind as you go about each day.

Choosing a word of the year that is all-encompassing of what you want to achieve and embrace in the new year. Let that word permeate your daily life and affect everything you do. From how you react to others, to how you care for yourself, and how you prioritize your life.

Your “word of the year” is an idea, concept, and driving factor, it is NOT a resolution or a goal.

Choose the word you want to improve upon or learn more about. The word will guide you throughout the year and even if you forget about it from time to time, subconsciously you’ll discover resources or tools to bring it into your life more than the year before. I also use the word as a mantra or affirmation during part of my daily meditation.

3 L’s to help you choose your word:

  1. Look Back. What could you have used more of? What could you have used less of? How were you feeling at the end of each day, at the end of each season?


  2. Look Ahead. Think about how you want to feel most days. What are things you want to add to your daily/weekly/monthly routine? What are things you want to eliminate?


  3. List it Out! Just start writing down words that mean something to you. List out anything that comes to mind. Then go through that list and circle those are speaking louder than others. Keep narrowing it down and hey, if you end up with 3—that’s okay!

Struggling on finding a word? See if any of these resonate with you!

– Abundance
– Balance
– Boundaries
– Breakthrough
– Courageous
– Elevate
– Fearless
– Freedom
– Growth
– Limitless
– No
– Peace
– Playful
– Present
– Rising
– Seen
– Thrive
– Unstoppable

Your word will be a gentle reminder about your priorities and should help you refocus through the year. And if a word for the WHOLE YEAR is too much, pick one that will guide you for the next 3 months. 

Don’t forget to write out your word in at least 3 places so you see it every day!

Remember, YOU GOT THIS!



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