I offer two different Group Coaching Tracks. One specific to transforming yourself after a divorce (or a difficult breakup) and the second for transforming yourself after any other challenging life transition.

1. Group Coaching for Life’s Challenging Transitions

2. Group Coaching for Divorced Women

Why Group Coaching? Group coaching can be just as successful as one-on-one coaching, and for some—more so.

When you connect with a tribe of people with similar struggles, people want to see each other succeed.

Each participant can add value to the group through their own personal experiences.

You will be a part of a safe community that will be lead my me, but open to participants sharing their perspectives and vantage points.

You will be working on your own set of goals, however there is a shared goal amongst the group, transformation.

The group is designed to be interactive, so you have support and encouragement from myself as well as group members. A key ingredient to success is accountability.

You will have access to a private Facebook group to continue to the conversation after our calls, in between sessions, and ongoing after our group session ends.

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