15 Things to do During the Last Week of the Year

“As the old year wanes and a new one draws near,
In this pause we find magic, both precious and dear.
A time for reflection, for joy, and plans new,
Flection, setting intentions and dreams we pursue.”

As the year come to a close, we can find ourselves caught in a whirlwind of holiday festivities, family gatherings, and the hustle of wrapping up the year’s end. But I feel like there is a special charm in six the days between Christmas and New Year’s—a time that feels suspended between the old and the new, giving you the opportunity for relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation.

Here’s a list of 15 activities that you can indulge in during this magical week, offering a blend of comfort, joy, and a fresh perspective as we say goodbye to the current year and welcome the next.

1. Reflect and Write to Your Future Self

Take a quiet moment to write a letter to yourself you will read on July 1, 2024. It’s a beautiful way to reflect on your aspirations and see how far you’ve come midway through the next year. Be sure to include encouragement to tackle whatever you have been facing the first 6 months of the year and maybe a joke or two.

2. Enjoy a Date Night with Yourself

Why not treat yourself to an evening of self-love? Whether it’s watching your favorite movie with some indulgent snacks or taking yourself out to eat, this is your time to enjoy your own company. Remember, you’re the funniest, most charming date you’ll ever have. Here is a list of other solo date-night activities to try.

3. Embrace a Day of Total Rest

Declare a pajama day! Choose a day to do absolutely nothing. Stay in your pajamas, read a book, nap, and just bask in the art of doing nothing.

4. Lose Yourself in a Book

Shut down the tech and immerse yourself in a good book. It’s a perfect way to escape and relax. For those accustomed to e-readers, I dare you to try a paperback – it’s like a Kindle, but with pages that mysteriously don’t run out of battery. And you can find my book here.

5. Take a Winter Beach Walk or Mountain hike

If you’re near the coast, a winter walk on the beach can be unexpectedly peaceful and rejuvenating. If you are near the mountains, get out the hiking boots. For those who don’t have either, nature is all around us, get out and take it in.

6. Host a Fun Games Night

For my extrovert readers who refuel by being with others. Invite over some friends or family for an evening filled with board games and laughter. Warning: Monopoly can and will test friendships.

7. Go Ice Skating

Celebrate winter by going ice skating. Glide, stumble, or elegantly fall into winter’s embrace. Remember, grace is optional, but fun is mandatory.

8. Indulge in a Movie or Series Marathon

Dive into a world where your biggest decision is “next episode” or “just one more…”.

9. Have a Casual Morning Coffee Gathering

A morning coffee with friends is a wonderful way to share holiday stories and plans for the new year. It’s like a regular party but with more caffeine and less pressure to stay awake.

10. Engage in a Puzzle

I love puzzles! Find the corner pieces first for that instant gratification.

11. Support Local Businesses

Visit local cafes, breweries, or wineries, and enjoy what your community has to offer. Be the hero your neighborhood café deserves. Cape optional.

12. Plan Your New Year’s Goals

This one doesn’t have to be hard I promise. Spend some time reflecting on your goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. Don’t overthink it! But if one of your goals isn’t to become a secret agent, are you even trying? (Kidding…I kid)

13. Create Your Own Spa Day at Home

Pamper yourself with a DIY spa day, complete with relaxing baths and facials. Cucumber slices for your eyes, or a snack? You decide.

14. Experiment with a New Recipe

Try cooking or baking something new and exciting, adding a twist to your culinary skills. If it’s edible, you’ve nailed it!

15. Organize a Small Home Project

Tackle a mini home project, whether it’s organizing a junk drawer, closet under the stairs or redecorating a corner. Remember, organizing books by color is a totally valid system.

As you navigate through these activities, you don’t have to tackle them all…pick and choose what resonates with you. It’s about ending the year on a note that feels right for you, whether that’s restful, productive, or simply joyful.

Cheers to a wonderful end to the year and an even better start to the next!

Remember, YOU GOT THIS!



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