You Can Do Almost Anything!

“You can do almost anything if you are willing to clarify your commitments and make incremental investment over time to achieve them.” ~Michael Hyatt

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Choices, Chances, Changes

“The three C’s of life: Choices, Chances and Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life never changes.” – Anonymous

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Hi Friends! I'm Jasmine, just a woman navigating this thing we call life who has been through her share of ups and downs...but haven't we all. Follow me on my journey of healing and maybe by following me you will find a little comfort in knowing you aren't alone in whatever it is you are going through.

I am quirky, a little sassy and "real". Throughout my blog you'll find personal stories of my past, my running, my healing journey, soft suggestions, tips that you are welcome to take or leave and maybe a even a  recipe thrown in there for fun....but you'll see life is an ongoing journey for all of us. 

"You Got This" is what I tell myself daily and I'll tell you it as well in each and every post, You Got This! 

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